Our Most Successful Service Project for this Year!

Spare change is not often thought of as something of great value. But the Roanoke Homeschool Honor Society, Eta Sigma Alpha has found a way to use spare change to help those in need. Every year the the club completes several service projects. This year, the students decided to participate in the center’s “Baby Bottle Campaign.” The goal of the “Baby Bottle Campaign” is to hand out bottles to others in the community, have them fill the bottles with change, and return them. The change and any donations will go the help the Blue Ridge Women’s Center.

Honor Society club members first purchased around eighty baby bottles, from dollar stores after Christmas. At the January meeting, members filled each bottle with a piece of paper, explaining how the “Baby Bottle Campaign” works. The bottles were then handed out in members’ churches, to friends and family, and other homeschoolers in the community. Each participant filled the bottle they had with spare change, checks, or dollar bills. After about three weeks, they returned the filled bottles to the members of the honor society.

An entire meeting in February was devoted to counting the money! With over a hundred bottles, and each bottle containing about three pounds of coins, members were kept busy! Tables were covered with money as members counted and labeled rolls of coins.

The most amazing part of this project was the amount of money the honor society was able to give to the Blue Ridge Women’s Center. Six hundred dollars? Maybe $700? No, altogether, the honor society was able to collect around $1800! This year’s baby bottle project was a huge success and an encouragement for all the members.